Janina Lamberty

Janina Lamberty

Janina Lamberty, a trained surveying technician, is inspired by nature and natural science in her artistic work. Her artistic work is about a merging of art and scientific thinking. She creates sculptures that are reminiscent of falling waterfalls, whirlpools and eddies. They can be described as an artistic translation of physical forces that act in the same way in nature.

Growing up in a rural environment, Janina Lamberty discovered her interest in nature and science at an early age. During her training as a surveying technician and 15 years of practical work in the field and in the office, she expanded her knowledge in this field.

In the mid-90s, she followed her dream of becoming an artist. However, her interest in surveying remained. It was even expanded.

The scientific knowledge in the field of geodesy became the focus of Janina Lamberty’s artistic work.

To learn more about Janina Lamberty’s work, visit www.janinalamberty.com.

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