Project Description

Begegnung (Encounter)

Points, lines, areas, spaces and times define our living space. They create orientation structures on our planet. Geodetic networks enable us to determine our location, our boundary, our plot on earth at any time.
In her artistic work, Janina Lamberty draws on geodesy – the science of measuring the earth – and is guided by her knowledge of mapping the earth and its surface.

The installation “Begegnung” is based on the series of works “Cañas” by Janina Lamberty.

Made of straw sticks, the “Cañas” are wrapped in Japanese paper. The artist drops these sticks according to the Mikado principle, then fixes the randomly created result with glue. In this way, swirls, eddies, and bundle-like forms emerge, sometimes reminiscent of sheaves of grain. These shapes can be described as artistic transformations of physical forces that act in exactly the same way in nature. In terms of presentation aesthetics, the “Cañas” are staged in exhibition situations as reliefs or wall objects.

At SCHMEES, these rods were realized as stainless steel objects in a specially developed technical process. The creativity of Janina Lamberty is here a challenge to the entire manufacturing process. For example, the about 100 stainless steel tubes were joined together using a special welding process, whereby the connection points appear almost invisible. One must resist the temptation to pull one of the seemingly floating rods out of the overall work of art. The arrangement of the individual rods was done precisely according to the artist’s instructions.

The glass bead blasted surface gives the sculpture a silky, matte finish. In combination with the colored stainless steel caps, a homogeneous and at the same time fascinating art object has been created.

  • Material stainless steel with colored end caps

  • The surface is glass bead blasted

  • Size approx.: 2.200 x 1.500 x 800 mm

  • Weight: approx. 60 Kg

Vita Janina Lamberty
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