After a lengthy development, the introverted sculptor, born in 1965, has reached a point in his work where he deems it necessary to disconnect himself as a person from his creations and let them speak for themselves.

The pseudonym “Dreadnought,” which should be translated as “fearless” in its transferable quality, fundamentally expresses what his works are, but not who the person is.

The combination of the materials used, stainless steel and acrylic glass, fascinates the artist, especially due to the uniqueness and magical effect of the end result. Particularly in combination, the two materials showcase what they can achieve “together.”

For larger works, the stainless steel part is executed by SCHMEES art in Pirna, while the artist himself produces smaller stainless steel works. The acrylic glass is self-made and processed.

Dreadnought spares neither costs nor efforts, so “obsessed” is he with working with this material. In collaboration with a company specialized in this sector, he has developed a casting process suitable for him.

All forms designed by him relate thematically to the creative wonder of the unparalleled nature found therein. Through the proper use of polished and mirror-polished stainless steel, transparent acrylic glass, and angular design language, a unique and new interpretation is created here.

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