Franz Leinfelder


Franz Leinfelder’s father Franz Xaver was a farmer and an artist. Franz, who had grown up on a farm in Haan on the border between Rhineland and Bergisches Land, followed in his father’s footsteps, since he also managed to achieve a balancing act between serious work as a freelance engineer and artistic creativity. But while his father stayed spatially and thematically in his “Bergische”hometown, the son traveled the world, collected impressions and left traces there.

With studios in Monheim and Langenfeld he followed his personal affinity to the Rhineland, thus preserving the diligence and the seriousness of the “Bergischen”. His “passion and creativity” isconfirmed by many art lovers. Since his beginnings, he has always used new techniques, working methods and materials. Drawings, caricatures, gigantic paintings, relief-like works made from finds, as well as large-scale welding work are all evidence of a hard-working, almost restless artist. His three oversized “Schwaadlappen” welcome the guests toLangenfeld on their way from the A 3 to the city center.

Portfolio Franz Leinfelder