Elmgreen & Dragset


Michael Elmgreen and IngarDragset have been fascinating international artlovers since 1999. In their sculptures, installations and performances, the Danish / Norwegian artist duo reinterprets the ordinary and familiar with social criticism and subversive humor. In their works in architecture and design, they often criticize the role of established institutions in the art industry. With a Prada boutique built in the Texan desert, they succeeded in making their artistic breakthrough in 2005.

With the award-winning design for the monument in Berlin erected in 2008 for the homosexuals persecuted during the Nazi era, they proved their artistic diversity and sensitivity. Their partly larger than life sized stainless steel sculptures are real “eye-catchers” at selected places all over the world.

In 2021, a new object, the “Life Rings” was inaugurated in Sweden, Stockholm. Elmgreen & Dragset are known for creating sculptures that change the interpretation of everyday or insignificant objects, changing the value associated with the object. Here, life rings, normally made of plastics, have been recreated in stainless steel. By altering the material, the object’s life is extended and it is elevated to a status associated with art and architecture.

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