The horned Sharan

“… They have blatantly obvious, extremely articulated contours that exaggerate, squirm and spray from sensuality. They play their mischievous game with themselves or with their peers in parks and on fountains, mobiles or chandeliers. They are Gläskers wild army that emerges wherever mischief pairs with eroticism and an administrated, boring, gray world opens itself to the delights of mythological and fantastic, decorative and ornamental, excessive and intense …”

Quote: Prof. Dr. Manfred Schneckenburger about Scharane from Horst Gläsker “Seduction of space”

  • Polished surface, face side blasted with stainless steel gravel. Special feature: Eye is a glass murmur

  • Weight approx. 250 kg

  • Size 170 cm

Vita Horst Gläsker
Price on demand
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