Project Description

(Images: Friso Keuris)


‘Pendulum’ – a sculpture for the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) at the Amsterdam Zuidas business district. It is a fluid, circular line, cast in stainless steel, that appears to flow and float nine meters up into the air. Due to its mirror-polished surface, the sculpture reflects the colors and shapes of its surroundings.

The most important starting point for the design of ‘Pendulum’ was the concept of visualizing this agency’s dynamic and multifaceted identity in a contemporary manner. In order to accomplish this, molecular structures, enzyme structures or protein structures as a point of reference have been taken. Fundamental and clinical knowledge is required for the development of new and pioneering medicines. Proteins play an important role in the many complex processes that take place in the human body. These structures were used in an airy, playful and associative manner in the design for ‘Pendulum,’ which might thus serve as a symbol for the identity of the EMA.

  • Material 18/10 High polished stainless steel

  • Height 9 m

  • Weight 9000 kg

Vita Gijs Assmann
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